Bayshore happenings

If you have been to Bayshore Pediatrics in the past two days or are coming in soon, you may notice something different in the waiting room.  You will now see holes and marks on the walls were the TVs from Accent Health used to be – the TVs have been removed.  We initially installed the TVs as a way to provide health information while parents waited for their appointment.  After receiving feedback from our feedback form on the website and survey results from parents, we decided it was best to remove the TVs.  Through the feedback form and the surveys we hand out, parents let us know that we should act according to what we say – we guide parents to limit TV time so we should do the same.   We listened and now the TVs are gone.  Right now, it’s not a pretty sight with holes in the wall but we are working on ways to make the waiting room look great.

Thank you all for your feedback.  It helps us to recognize how we can make your visit with us better.

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